Friday, January 26, 2007

We Are The Fix Generation

I think I have a love/hate relationship with the world today. I see selfishness taking hold of so many. I mean it’s really getting bad.  You know it’s bad when even churches are missing out on why they even exist. 
My hate is for the decay that is so evident everyday all around us. Injustice has quickly become the number one thing that angers me. On the other hand my love is for the man who left his wife and for another pedophile who’s raped a little girl. It is for the wife and for the little girl, for an entire village in Africa that will be wiped out by aids or starvation by the time you read this. It extends to those people who will to do something and for the small few who actually do. It reaches out to hold all; the immoral, imperfect, misguided, misrepresented, misjudged, mistreated and there is not one of us, including myself,  whose excluded from those categories. 
Media molds our youth into a generation that thinks only of personal consumption  in material, physical and visual form. This becomes a very pleasurable but very temporary emotional fix. Because it’s so temporary, we find ourselves going back for more. Somewhere in the midst of all of this our world has lost touch of a very real undying fix. It’s more than material possession, physical fixations or visual vacations away from reality. And it’s far more than status. This is a permanent fix. For all others are unable to forgive nor can they empower a human to do what one could only once dream of. There are no conditions for this fix. It is for all who wish to embrace it and it has wanted nothing more than to embrace you. This fix is your love. Your love has the power to forgive you as well as your neighbor. It can empower you by believing in yourself and is more than capable of empowering others by believing in them. And if you let it... if you let it, it will grow strong enough to change the things you hate about yourself and about this world. Because this kind of love knows no limits, it breaks through all fears and overlooks all failures. It’s not afraid to stand alone and therefore stands with many. This is a fix that can only be realized by experiencing it. This is my hope. This is your hope. 
You may not believe as I believe, in the love of Christ, of a God, of a father, poured out on us all. Still no one can deny there is power in the kind of love the stories of Christ represent. I believe if we have experienced His love or merely understand it’s strength we now become the only tool for those who haven’t experienced it. Readers and friends, I know it’s been preached and sung over and over but it’s more true today than it ever has been. We are His hands and we are His feet. And I for one refuse to stand with my hands in my pockets any longer. I can’t go back on yesterday and I’ll miss today if I just keep talking about tomorrow. Our upcoming generation will be our tomorrow and right now that scares me. They have more ambition than they know what to do with. 
If we approach this by using the best example of love and selfless living they can see, I believe we could give them a cause. We could give them a purpose and a mission for their ambition. That’s how we change the future face of this world. Here is where the cynics say “Give it up Marshall.. It’s such a lost cause!”. Well I won’t you dumb shit for brains cynic! I’m not gonna let whatever power i have in these two hands go to waste! There’s really no room for cynicism here. If we ignore this world cry for justice, for selfless living, we will deprave the world today of what could potentially fix tomorrow. I live to see this happen and I know I am in way over my head but it’s really fun in the most dangerous, risky and adventurous kind of way. So join me if you wish.. I could use some company.